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There are lots of Internet Marketing and Website design companies that can build you a website that may look nice and pretty.

At Tricyclefish, we design websites based on achieving your business goals – so there’s a direct line between your business goals, marketing goals and conversion rate optimization goals.

We focus on “Conversion Rate Optimization” also called “Persuasive Marketing” when designing your website.

That means we strive to get your website visitor to take action that’s consistent with your business goals – whether that’s making an online purchase, getting them to make a call to your office, capturing an email to build a list or even getting your business more social media followers.

We’ll help you identify your core business value proposition and will create a website that is Relevant and Clear, the 2 main drivers towards getting the visitor to take action.

In addition, our website design will eliminate website conversion inhibitors which are items (like the feeling of anxiety) that can distract the visitor from taking action.

This approach distinguishes our website design and production from most other website design companies out there who aim to design a website that’s only aesthetically pleasing.

We pay attention to detail, provide amazing customer service and our pricing is reasonable for a small business budget.

Marketing Optimized Websites are just one point in the TricycleFish Internet Marketing Mix.

In addition to creating Marketing Optimized Websites, TricycleFish provides the full suite of Internet Marketing Services.

Take a look below.

What we do

Search Engine Optimization

  • Website And Landing Page Audit Checking For SEO Deficiencies
  • Google Business Page Audit, Citation Analysis, Organic Link and Penalty Analysis and Competition Analysis
  • Analytics And Reporting To Show You The Fruit Of Our Work

Email Marketing

  • Let Us Create the Email Content And Stay In Front Of Your Customers With Our Customized Email Marketing Campaigns
  • We Help Build Your Prospect List
  • Keep Your Customer's For Life

Pay Per Click Advertising

  • Expert PPC management by Google certified AdWords technicians
  • Effective ad content designed to drive visitors to your website
  • Emphasis on ROI and conversions rather than just basic metrics like clicks

Website Design & Development

  • Fully customized, stunning websites with an emphasis on great user experience
  • Our websites are designed to engage your customers
  • Renders perfectly on all mobile devices

Social Media Marketing

  • We’ll create or beautify your Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts
  • Unique content written and posted 3+ times a week on social media sites
  • Build and manage your online reputation and increase positive reviews for your business

Data Driven Strategies

  • Ongoing monitoring of Google Analytics too identify the best optimization opportunities
  • A/B testing website changes to measure what works best
  • Strict adherence to Google’s best practices and algorithm updates


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